Tylo Solvent Descaler (80g sachet)

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Tylo Solvent Descaler (80g sachet)
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TyloHelo Solvent Descaler (80g sachet)

Powder for descaling the water tank in TyloHelo steam generators and Combi heaters.


How Much Solvent Descaler Do I Require?

Steam Generator/Combi Heater
Sachets Required
(80g Sachets)
2kW2 Packs
4.5kW2 Packs
6 - 6.6kW2 Packs
9kW2 Packs
12kW2 Packs
18kW4 Packs
24kW4 Packs

Totally odourless and harmless.

User Instructions

The de-scaling agent is corrosive. Do not breathe in the fumes. Store out of the reach of children. Use only with protective gloves and safety goggles. Treat splashes in the eyes by rinsing immediately with liberal amounts of clean water. If the irritation persists consult a doctor.

If the steam generator is connected to a separate steam room, check to make sure that no one is in the steam room during the de-scaling process.

  1. Switch on the steam generator and let it run until the water in the tank begins to boil.
  2. Switch the generator off and wait for approximately 5 minutes.
  3. Unscrew the capping nut from the 3-way connector on top of the steam generator.
  4. Use a funnel to pour the de-scaling agent into the tank via the 3-way connector. (Use approx. 0.5 dl for a Tylette, 1 dl for a VB generator and 5 dl for a VA Generator.)
  5. Screw the capping nut back in place on the 3-way connector and leave the de-scaling agent to work.
  6. After approximately 1 hour the generator will automatically empty and flush the tank.

After this the steam generator is once more ready for use.

(On certain Tylette models the de-scaling agent is applied via a special container.)

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