Tylo Sense Combi Elite 6 Sauna Heater

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Tylo Heater Options

Unbranded Sauna Stones
Unbranded Sauna Stones
Tylo Sauna Stones
Tylo Sauna Stones
Tylo Sense Leg Set
Tylo Sense Leg Set

Tylo Sense Combi Elite 6 Sauna Heater

Sense Combi Elite is our very latest combi heater - giving you a dry sauna, wet sauna and steam in a single heater. The heater has both standby mode and 'divided output' to make your sauna experience energy efficient. In addition, it includes our new and most innovative Elite control panel which takes your sauna and steam bath to a whole new level. Choose between 6.6, 8 and 10,5 kWs of power and between wall mounted or upright heater with legs as an option. With three different power sizes, Sense Combi Elite is suitable for a sauna room from 4 up to 18 m³.

Steam sauna at home

Our combi heater differs from a conventional sauna heater, as it has a built-in water tank, which gives you access to both a traditional dry sauna and a steam sauna. A steam sauna means a lower temperature and significantly higher humidity, resulting in a soft and very pleasant form of sauna bath. Liven up your sauna bath by also adding fragrant natural herbs or liquid essences.

Sense - set your senses free

Sense is a completely new range of sauna heaters where stylish form meets Tylos reliable functionality and genuine quality. Sense, set your senses free with fast, comfortable heat, precise temperature control and smart Eco functions. The heater also has Tylos unique Thermosafe contact protection, which ensures that the external casing is never too hot to touch.

Enjoy a greener sauna with 'divided output'

With 'divided output', the total power is only used during the heating time, the heater then automatically switches to saving mode and maintains this level for the entire bath. With 'divided output', you get up to 30% lower energy consumption.

Elite - take control of your sauna

The Elite control panel is fitted with a crystal-clear 4.5 inch touchscreen and installation is very discreet and smooth. With the option of a flush-fitted frame, you can recess the panel in the wall. Elite can also be placed inside your sauna. Elite gives you full control over all the functions of the sauna, including temperature, fragrance and lighting. With Elite, you can turn on your sauna directly from the sofa! You can also control it from your phone using Tylos Wellaccess app, which is available for both iOS and Android.

Quick heating

All of Tylos heaters provide very quick heating of the sauna room - up to half the time compared to other heaters. The unique Tylo design with twin side air chambers is a very effective heat spreader - a normal bath temperature of 80°C can be achieved in only 25 minutes.

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