Tylo Sense Combi 8 Sauna Heater

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Tylo Sense Combi 8 Sauna Heater

Tylo Sense Sauna Heaters

Free your Senses

Sense Combi is a brand new sauna heater, combining sleek design with the reliable functionality and genuine quality of Tylo. Senses quick and pleasant heat, precise temperature control and smart Eco-functions will free all your senses. Not to mention that the heater are equipped with a fiber-coated outer shell in order to minimize the risk of burns and an easy-to-clean, removable compartment for fragrant essences all in a completely new design to complement any sauna. Stone compartment for use with two packages mini sauna stones.

Sense Combi adds variation to your pleasure. It is a dry sauna, wet sauna or in clouds of soothing steam. The heater is equipped with stand-by mode and divided output to ensure an energy efficient sauna experience. It also includes the sleek h2 control panel. You can choose 6.6 or 8 kW and can select from a wall-mounted or floor-mounted heater with optional legs

Product Features

  • 8kW Output
  • Includes Tylo H2 Control Panel
  • Fiber-Coated Outer Shell
  • Removable Compartment For Fragrant Essences
  • Optional Floor Mounting Legs
  • Easy to clean
  • Designed for sauna rooms 6-12 cu.m
  • 1 Yrs Manufacturers Guarantee

Tylo H2 Control Panel

Tylo H2 Control Panel

The h2 control panel has the same excellent features as the h1 and a few more. Like the h1, the h2 control panel displays the temperature and running time, lets you set a maximum temperature, switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius, use a 12-hour or 24-hour format, set different languages, and more advanced settings and testing options.

With the h2 control panel, you can even preset the start program for one week in advance complete with repetitions, do trouble-shooting and control the atmospheric humidity in the sauna room. The h2 control panel is the latest in sauna room engineering and it is compatible with our sauna heaters, Sense Combi 6 and Sense Combi 8 equipped with special control board.

Tylo Sense Specifiction

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