Tylo Impression Twin 130/1713W White

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Tylo Impression Twin 130/1713W White

Tylo Impression Twin 130/1713W White

Tylo has combined a sauna and steam shower to create an exciting new product that offers unique options for relaxing and unwinding.

Impression Twin is the name of this series of beautifully designed home spa. Tylo invites you to relax in a traditional sauna at a slightly higher temperature, enjoy a moment of pleasure in a milder steam sauna or unwind in a soothing steam room. The ingenious, space-saving design also incorporates a shower.

As the name suggests, Impression Twin is based on the successful Impression series. The New Twin series is constructed with the same uncompromising standards of quality and design and offers many new and exciting layouts for a wide choice of installation options.

Sometimes one and one makes three - just as in this case. The legacy of the Impression sauna and the Impression steam room can be seen clearly in the design and features. Yet this combination has created a whole new product. The concept of the sauna room is taken to a completely new level by the versatility and range of options.

The Impression Twin SQ comes with an extra stool. All of them communicate that distinctive feeling of quality and luxury that has become a hallmark of Tylo's Impression series.

Twice the relaxation and twice the luxury, plus a shower and extra stool, bring further variation and dimension to the sauna room. Can you ever get too much of a good thing?

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