Tylo Elite Control Panel

Tylo’s new, state-of-the-art Elite control panel takes your sauna and steam bath to a whole new level. Elite has a processor and an operating system which support a host of advanced functions. Create and save multiple user profiles and favorite settings and enter different schedules for different days of the week. Then add functions like standby, extra fans and the option of multiple fragrance pumps which allow you to switch between fragrances while the system is running.

Tasteful and elegant

With its elegant color and shape, Elite fits into all kinds of spa setting. Elite is fitted with a crystal-clear 4.5 inch screen and installation is very discreet and tidy. With the option of a flush-fitted frame, you can recess the panel in the wall. Elite can also be placed inside a sauna or steam room.

Take control of your home sauna

You can turn on your sauna without leaving the sofa. Elite gives you full control over all the functions of the sauna, including temperature, humidity, fragrance and lighting. You can also control it from your phone using Tylö’s Wellaccess app, which is available for both iOS and Android

Take control of your public facility

Control your system directly from the Elite control panel or install your control panels so you can control all your saunas and steam rooms directly from the computer in reception. Elite makes use of the local Wi-Fi, which also enables control and monitoring directly from your phone with Tylö’s own Wellaccess app, which is available for both iOS and Android. With full control via the computer, the staff can restrict access to the control panel itself, so visitors can only view the temperature or change a few selected functions.

Standby saves energy

In slack periods, the sauna can be set to economical standby heating, which can be quickly accelerated to the desired bath temperature when visitors are present. After an hour, it reverts to standby mode.

Switch between fragrances while the system is running

Connect and control extra equipment such as fans, extra lighting or fragrance pumps. Depending on the product that Elite is used with, many different extra products can be connected. With the Commercial steam generator, for example, up to three fragrance pumps can be connected so you can switch between different fragrances directly from the control panel.

Compatible with steam generators Steam Home and Steam Commercial. Elite is included when buying a Sense Elite or Sense Combi Elite heater. Also compatible with our Expression heater together with relay box Commercial.

Tylo Elite Control Panel Compatible Products

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