EOS E-Cool Wall S Flake Ice Machine

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EOS E-Cool Wall S Flake Ice Machine

Automatic flaked ice machine for concealed installation.

Allows installation above the ice bowl (ice chute on the bottom) or on the side to the ice bowl (ice chute on the side panel).

Now available with a built-in ice level sensor or with an external ice level sensor for exact ice level control (e.g. installation at the ice bowl edge).

Fully automatic operation thanks to the ice level sensor. Very low noise operation.

Up to 120 kg flaked ice production capacity per day.

Metal housing with anthracite pearl effect finish. Connections: 3/4" water supply (ice production), 3/4" water supply (cooling system), drain (melted ice), drain (cooling system).

Main on/off power switch. Pre-mounted mains cord with 230V plug.

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