Elecro Spectrum Hybrid UV 55w


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Elecro Spectrum Hybrid UV 55w

The Spectrum Hybrid is the next generation of UV water treatment. Providing a safe environment in clear water, the Hybrid kills micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, chloramines and pathogens found in water, costing no more than a common light bulb to run. The next step in UV treatment, the unit creates Hydroxyl Radicals, which are essentially a water molecule with a Hydrogen atom removed, causing the molecule to be highly volatile and reactive. The exceptional mobility of the molecules that fill the reaction chamber leads to the destruction of pollutants in their path. Once the Hydroxyl Radical has reacted with the pollutant it converts back into water. Built to be installed easily into your existing set-up, all Spectrum Hybrid units are supplied complete with flow switch and the choice of either a lamp life indicator (which flashes ‘Red’ when the UV lamps are required to be changed after 9,000 hours) and reset switch; or a digital lamp life countdown and intelligent peristaltic dosing pump.

Only clean treated water is released from the reaction chamber, no harmful gases or by-products are generated

Consumes no more electricity than a common light bulb, providing continuous savings

Combines the benefits of traditional UV and improves effectiveness by 45% by oxidising the water

Comes pre-assembled with all necessary sensors and control components, no complicated parts to piece together. The lamp replacement indicator will alert after 9,000 hours of use

Corrosion resistant; salt and sea water safe

Works with and compliments traditional treatments such as chlorine, bromine, active oxygen and salt electrolysis

Replicates nature’s way of sanitising the earth by using light and creating hydroxyl radicals

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