Barrel 8 Person Outdoor Sauna 2150mm Diameter

  • Manufacturer Installation Available
  • Bespoke Models Available


  • Harvia M3 Wood Burning Stove incl. smoke pipe, lead through flange and rain cap
  • Dressing room 80cm Ø 215cm
  • Panoramic window in the roof
£7,995.00 (Incl VAT)
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Barrel 8 Person Outdoor Sauna 2150mm Diameter


  • Canadian red cedar profiles 40x90mm with roof extension
  • Roof finished in EPDM and heather matting or shingled
  • Benches, backrest, flooring and oven protection grid in Canadian red cedar
  • Safety tinted glass door 1770x590x8mm with brown hinges and wooden handle
  • Sauna oven 8kW 380V with built-in control unit
  • Sauna lighting, thermometer and sand hour
  • Bespoke models available on request

The Alpha barrel sauna is a true beauty among outdoor saunas. This barrel sauna has been made from high-quality red cedar wood which emits a lovely odour and withstands large swings in temperature. Treatment or maintenance of this wood is not necessary.

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